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Guest Speaker: Jamie Ceron, Coordinator of the Young Parent Program

Catholic Family Services stands by the motto, “Open hearts, open minds, open doors” This philosophy and ideology guides and drives the programs that are offered within the non-profit community-based organization. The agency offers many strength-based programs, one of them being the Young Parent Program that is coordinated by Jamie Ceron. Jamie shares information on what being a part of the Young Parent Program means and how it positively impacts a diverse group of young families.
Our partnership with Catholic Family Services to provide space for the program is a reflection of our mission & purpose to promote social concern, practice compassion and promote justice.

Speaker: Jim Demeray

UnderstandUs is a mental health initiative based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. It strives to improve the health and understanding of individuals with mental health barriers in turn removing the stigma attached to it.

UnderstandUs produces awareness campaigns and educates youth through classroom workshops and website resources. It is a young organization that has the ability to connect to youth and make learning about mental health relatable and fun.!

Guest Speaker: Rodger Linka

In May, 2018 Rodger Linka spoke to us about his role in the adjudication of claims under the Indian Residential School Claims.  In his law practice he has been actively engaged in the use of mediation in dispute resolution since 2003.  Today Mr. Linka describes the mediation discipline within the context of current dispute resolution, compares it to the litigation process and describes essential elements of mediation.  He also describe the use of mediation within a global context and describes what has been called The Third Way.


Speaker: Andrew Quackenbush

What does it mean to be a people of mystery? How does our personal experience of awe influence our beliefs
and actions? Andrew Quackenbush explores some questions related to the first source of our tradition.

Guest Speaker Jared Clark

In October 2017, Jared Clarke travelled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training.  During the three-day workshop, he learned from 7 world class scientists, as well as former Vice President Al Gore about the climate crisis.  Now back in Saskatchewan, he has been sharing the message with hundreds of people that we need to act!

Jared's presentation looks at recent events across the globe being caused by climate change and what it means for Saskatchewan’s future. From intensifying storms, increased flooding events, more severe droughts, dwindling glaciers and arctic sea ice, the evidence of climate change is overwhelming.  Learn about the solutions at hand and what we as individuals can do.

Guest Speaker Liz James

What does it mean to be a people of vision when it’s cloudy?  Especially, when those clouds are thunderclouds?  When we feel surrounded on all sides by hostile forces and there is an exhausting amount of work ahead, how do we live with joy and purpose?

Guest Speaker Dr. Richard Hordern
Of all the reform movements arising out of the 19th century, arguably none had as extensive a reach as the Social Gospel. Faced with the new realities of urban overcrowding, grueling factory work, and grinding poverty, Christians in North America questioned whether their focus should be on the salvation of the individual or of society as a whole.
Dr. Richard Hordern is a retired professor of religious studies at Luther College on the University of Regina. His specialty area of research was liberation theology, especially Black Theology in the United States. Today, he gave an introduction to the early history of Social Gospel in Canada, the U.S. and England.

Speaker: George Garbe 

George Garbe has been a physician and cardiologist for many years in Regina. Today he talks about the intellectual process of unravelling what is wrong with the patient and deciding what treatment to advise, emphasizing the use of evidenced based treatment and touching on how evidence is obtained and evaluated.

Speaker: Terry Fehr
Forgiveness – the third in a series of four sermons, Terry asks us to consider when it is time to forgive. What does it mean to forgive others and when do we need to forgive ourselves?

Guest Minister: Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana

The Edict of Torda was proclaimed in 1568 by King Sigismund of Romania and followed an earlier decree of religious tolerance in 1567. The Protestant Reformation has made significant gains in Europe, including the once largely Catholic Transylvania. The queen had been inspired by the teachings of her Italian physician, Giorgio Biandrata. In 1563 the Transylvanian court preacher is credited with saying "we need no think alike to love alike". Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana will share his thoughts about the Edict of Torda and its importance today. Do we need to let go of some preconceptions?

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