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Guest Speaker:  Rev. Lara Cowtan

Rev. Cowtan originally hails from Winnipeg, but she has worked in several European Unitarian Universalist congregations as well as in the United States.  Rev. Lara says "Liberal religious people are no strangers to working for environmental justice, many of us live and act in ways that demonstrate our values of caring for land, water, animals, and plants.  Eco-spirituality looks beyond our sense of justice to connect us even more deeply with how we engage with nature on a personal and spiritual level"

Guest Speaker: Rabbi Jeremy Parnes

Rabbi Jeremy Parnes believes that antisemitism is unique among racist or hateful ac-tions. Most people can harbour hateful thoughts but we moderate our own behaviour and don't allow the thoughts to lead to hateful action. We need to go deeper to understand ourselves and each other. Listen to the stories of others.

Guest Speaker: Liz James

Like so many institutions in modern society, church is undergoing profound change. What are the possibilities? Liz was halfway through a Ministry degree when she decided to quit school and form the UU Hysterical Society, a 20,000 person UU humour group. This is her story of being open to possibility

Written by Rev Josh Pawelek, presented by Marena Charron

“Sometimes the greatest ministry we offer to each other—the way we know, hold and love each other—is through encountering
each other’s stories. And what inspires us to offer such a ministry? Curiosity. When we are curious about each
other’s stories—really, truly, genuinely curious—when we listen with open hearts and minds—we offer a humanizing
ministry, a ministry of recognition, acknowledgment, embrace. Continuous revelation is not only out there in the natural
world, in the expanding universe, or the universe of ideas. Our lives and our stories are sources of continuous revelation
as well…” The words of Rev Josh Pawelek, UU minister in Manchester, Connecticut.

 Speaker: Jamie Struthers

Jamie Struthers, lawyer, theology student and Unitarian, presents his thoughts about religious pluralism. His talk is based on a paper he recently prepared for one of his classes at the Vancouver School of Theology, at the University of British Columbia campus.


Guest Speaker: Joan Carolyn

As the Rev. Hilary Landau Krivchenia [UU Minister & Author with Quest for Meaning] and her UU planning team reflected, “Howard Thurman’s words are wise – and it turns out that what the world needs are precisely the same things that make us each most alive – not just excited or agitated or stimulated – but purposefully, meaningfully and deeply alive.”
Our guest speaker, Joan Carolyn, is the CUC Congregational Life Team Lead for Western Region. Together we explore what makes us, as individuals and communities, “Come Alive”. Life may and does indeed throw many things our way, from the great and wonderful to the extremely painful and challenging. How does that which motivates us, help us to celebrate and fully draw on the wonderful in our lives as well as hold us and aid us through that which raises significant obstacles?

Presenter:  Richard Jack

Today’s presentation is about climate change in our society. Richard Jack uses theological, economic, philosophical, and political arguments from experts to frame his presentation. He will look at available information and the consequences of ignoring it. With an admitted bias as the Saskatchewan Green Party Deputy Leader, Richard will offer information from a wide variety of sources.

Presenter: Dr. Richard Hordern
Richard Hordern spoke in the fall of 2018 on the early history of Social Gospel. This Sunday we heard about Martin Luther King, Malcom X and the influence each man had on the other. How did King’s tactics change over the years, as he widened his social analysis to include world peace and poverty? How did he interact with the Black Power movement of Malcom X and how did it alter King’s philosophy?

Guest Speaker: Jamie Ceron, Coordinator of the Young Parent Program

Catholic Family Services stands by the motto, “Open hearts, open minds, open doors” This philosophy and ideology guides and drives the programs that are offered within the non-profit community-based organization. The agency offers many strength-based programs, one of them being the Young Parent Program that is coordinated by Jamie Ceron. Jamie shares information on what being a part of the Young Parent Program means and how it positively impacts a diverse group of young families.
Our partnership with Catholic Family Services to provide space for the program is a reflection of our mission & purpose to promote social concern, practice compassion and promote justice.

Speaker: Jim Demeray

UnderstandUs is a mental health initiative based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. It strives to improve the health and understanding of individuals with mental health barriers in turn removing the stigma attached to it.

UnderstandUs produces awareness campaigns and educates youth through classroom workshops and website resources. It is a young organization that has the ability to connect to youth and make learning about mental health relatable and fun.!

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