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Speaker: Jockie Loomer-Kruger

Jockie Loomer-Kruger and her husband, the late Herb Kruger, were involved-friends of the Unitarian Fellowship of Regina when they lived some of their retirement years here, from 1995 – 2002. Now, Jockie is back in her home province of Nova Scotia, and at 85, has just had her debut novel, Until the Day We Die, published. Drawing on the Krugers’ own long affiliation with Unitarianism, Humanism, Agnosticism and Atheism, Jockie shares excerpts from the novel which highlight these religious views—or absence thereof—in fictional form.

Jockie's website is www.jockie.ca

If you want to purchase her novel "Until the Day We Die" go to www.moosehousepress.com/coming-soon

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